Lisbon Travel Guide

Lisbon is quickly becoming one of Western Europe’s top travel destinations and who can you blame with a city so rich in history, culture, and cuisine. Days here can be spent gazing at monuments to the Nation’s imperial past, while nights are best for dancing to samba or listening to the national music, Fado. In between you need to keep yourself filled with Portugal’s legendary bacalhau dishes (dried or salted cod) and have pastéis de nata for dessert. You can’t forget to wash it down with a wide array of sweet and dry wines. If cocktails are more your taste, gin bars are all the rage with many carrying over 100 different varieties. Lisbon is one of the world’s famous cities-built-on-seven-hills and below I’ll show you the best way to navigate them in order to capture the best it has to offer. Continue reading Lisbon Travel Guide


Nowruz in Turkey

Nowruz is primarily referred to as Iranian New Year in the US and while the holiday has Ancient Persia and, specifically, it’s religion of Zoroastrianism to thank for its origins, there are celebrations all over Central Asia, particularly in the Turkmen and Kurdish communities. Dating back over 3000 years, it’s meant to represent the start of spring (hence the March 20th or 21st start date) and pays special attention to Earth’s elements: fire, water, earth, air, and ether. It’s celebrated on the Spring Equinox every year with events that can last from three to seven days.

In Turkey, Nevruz (Turkish translation of Nowruz) has been a point of Kurdish pride and demonstration that has over recent years become increasingly political. Continue reading Nowruz in Turkey

“Istanbul as Comedic” the 3rd episode of Into Istanbul is now live!

Chris and I were lucky enough to sit down with improv comedian/jack of all trades, Tyler Denison, to talk about the comedy scene as well as his personal experiences in Istanbul – with some great anecdotes and life lessons thrown in for good measure.

Give it a download on iTunes (and us a rating while you’re at it!) or if you prefer you can find the link on soundcloud.

If you’re in Istanbul and want to check out Tyler in action follow his group’s Facebook or their website and get all the details!

A heads up – there’s a foul word or two thrown in, but otherwise the content is still pretty PG. (Sorry, Ginny!)

Into Istanbul Ep. 2 “Istanbul as Worth Discovering

In episode 2, Chris and I delve deeper into the idea of living in Istanbul by talking to long time resident, Tarik. He runs the website, which is a resource for all things Istanbul. Chris and I have been contributors over there for the past 2 years, so we knew Tarik would be a great person to ask about what’s really out there in Istanbul for those of us who stayed past the usual vacation period.

You can listen here or find us on iTunes by searching Into Istanbul.

Giving us a rating and a comment (or even just a listen) would really mean the world to us. If you missed our 1st episode don’t worry you’re not going to miss any vital information, but we do provide some more background on what we’re doing.

So, if you want to check that out you can find it here.

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Check Out: “Into Istanbul”

My friend Chris and I have been working on a podcast that documents individual stories from our current home city of Istanbul that pertain to a certain theme that’s relevant to not only our city, but to all of you listening at home. 

Our first episode titled, “Istanbul as Home”, relates our own impressions of home as well as that of our friend, Amer, who came to Istanbul from Palestine by way of Syria.

Currently you can catch “Into Istanbul” here on Soundcloud. This episode and future episodes will also be up on iTunes and Stitcher, hopefully very soon.

Our next episode will be, “Istanbul as Worth Discovering”. We will be hosting Tarik Yassien who curates the website

If this is at all intriguing check us out. Or, if you have a topic you want us to cover (or want to join us on air) shoot a message over to

Wanna Get Away? 5 ways Americans can move abroad

Somewhere between the inauguration of “The Donald” and whatever you call that Honey Boo-Boo inspired propaganda dance those kids performed that preceded a 3+ million person march in most major cities, I finally became aware of Facebook’snot so subtle advertising for Canadian immigration agencies. This, along with my friends’ pleas on Facebook to become mail order grooms/brides to our friends in the Great White North, has consumed my page. Continue reading Wanna Get Away? 5 ways Americans can move abroad

Finding and Tasting Turkey’s Microbrews: Gara Guzu and Pera

Beer in Istanbul is a touchy subject for a lot of expats, who generally fall into a few camps when it comes to preference. You have your beer snobs that scoff at the idea of drinking Efes or Bomonti, or pretty much anything else you can buy at a grocery store for less than 8TL. We get it, your favorite microbrewery brews on their organic farm on the top of some mountain in Vermont with hops plucked by the hands of virgins; we just don’t want to hear about it every round (who am I kidding, I sometimes fall into this group). Then there are those who drink alcohol like water. Mosquitos don’t go near them because they smell permanently of rakı and they will guzzle down whatever swill you throw at them. Finally, there’s the rest of us, who are just tired of having only one or two choices at a pub that are actually from the same company (look it up — Efes owns and brews most beers in Turkey) and occasionally like drinking something a little different. Thankfully, it seems that because of rising beer prices in Turkey, there are two new Turkish options that are becoming more prevalent and reasonable (if you can find them): Gara Guzu and Pera. I’m going to try to guide you to your best option regardless of whatever camp you fall in. Continue reading Finding and Tasting Turkey’s Microbrews: Gara Guzu and Pera