Check Out: “Into Istanbul”

My friend Chris and I have been working on a podcast that documents individual stories from our current home city of Istanbul that pertain to a certain theme that’s relevant to not only our city, but to all of you listening at home.

Our first episode titled, “Istanbul as Home”, relates our own impressions of home as well as that of our friend, Amer, who came to Istanbul from Palestine by way of Syria.

Currently you can catch “Into Istanbul” here on Soundcloud. This episode and future episodes will also be up on iTunes and Stitcher, hopefully very soon.

Our next episode will be, “Istanbul as Worth Discovering”. We will be hosting Tarik Yassien who curates the website

If this is at all intriguing check us out. Or, if you have a topic you want us to cover (or want to join us on air) shoot a message over to

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  1. Nice. Amer sounds like a good friend. Interesting that he want to go to America eventually (Maybe it has something to do with his name?? Was that a sign he was given at birth?). It’s encouraging that people still think of America as a place where they want to belong. You sometimes get the impression that the masses want to emigrate FROM there.

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